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Sprinklr : Do Not Disturb is activated on your phone when your device detects driving, so you can keep your focus on the road. Find out more →

Sprinklr : Who says you have to get out of your car when you reach your destination? Stay entertained on & off the road with new features on Auto.

Pay for gas & get personalized media recommendations with Google Assistant ⛽🎶
Play games when parked with GameSnacks 🎮

Sprinklr : StoryPlace offers an invitation to see the world through the eyes of another person just for a moment. In honor of , we are proud to showcase Ivana De Maria, Latinx entrepreneur & founder of StoryPlace. Check out the full video here

Sprinklr : Communicate using facial gestures with Project Activate and easily get more information about the world around you with Lookout. Learn more about the new accessibility app and features available that are making even more helpful.

Twitter Web App : Improved visibility settings on Nearby Share let you take full control of who can discover and share with your device.
Learn more about Nearby Share:

Sprinklr : You’re busy, and it’s hard to keep track of everything. Reminders on Android can help with that. Just say, “Hey Google, open my Reminders” to pull them all up. Here you can see other helpful suggestions for Reminders that you can activate with a tap, or create your own.

Twitter Web App : For people who live with speech and motor impairments, you can use to navigate your phone with eye movements and facial gestures 🙂 😮 🙄. Widely available from 30 Sept. Find out more about how we’re making Android more accessible →

Sprinklr : New features just dropped on ; here’s the full list:
🧍Accessibility updates
📺Google TV Virtual Remote
🗣️Reminders from Assistant
⌨️Gboard updates
🚨Heads Up
🔒Locked Folder
📱Nearby Share visibility settings
🚗New auto experiences

Learn more:

Sprinklr : It’s time for foldables. The Samsung Mobile transforms your mobile experience - so it’s easier for you to multitask, experience your favorite apps and bring you new possibilities. Learn more:

Sprinklr : Google Assistant on makes your life easier. From being your helpful co-passenger on the road to getting things done even when your device is locked, Google Assistant is there for you.

Sprinklr : Black women are changing the world of tech. Hear their stories →

is proud to announce the launch of our new campaign highlighting the personal experiences and journeys of Black women and what it means to be Black in tech. Be inspired.✨