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TweetDeck : I also asked if Starmer had cause for a vexatious complaint against Durham Police.

Entire thing starting to look like a stitch up.

As he said to me - “If they fine Starmer for a scheduled work day, they’re going to have to investigate Boris for every day he campaigned'

TweetDeck : Just had chat with Top Lawyer: Durham Police have policy of not investigating retro potential breaches of COVID rules. So how are we here?
“The Tories leant on Durham Police to not investigate Dominic Cummings and leant on them to investigate Starmer.”
Make of that what you will

Twitter Web App : I submitted a complaint to the BBC about their non-coverage of Michelle Mone's home & business address' being raided by Police & they have told me that 'due to a higher volume of complaints received recently', they are unable to respond to my complaint within a 2 week period 🤔