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Twitter Web App : If you've never seen the ocean, you really cannot fathom how impossibly big it is. You can be an expert in the little pond you find yourself in, and you can be there with all of your other little pond experts, and there might be many of you, but it's still not the ocean.

Twitter Web App : I think I've finally cracked why PbtA don't gel with me, character creation is a solo journaling game and I never signed up for that.

Twitter Web App : So like, yeah, I don't want to be aggro to people just minding their own business. But I also can't just be quiet when you promote this game that reproduces colonial violence so smoothly you often don't even notice.

Twitter Web App : But I do not feel comfortable in DnD spaces, because the bigotry is so well hidden you can reproduce entirely accidentally. And it also makes me a target for the actual out in the open bigots.