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They should have two different sets of gas pumps now ...

If you voted for Trump - you pay $2.00 per gallon.

If you voted for Joe Biden - you pay $10.00 per gallon.

Why should we pay for their stupidity?

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I absolutely love that right after Hannity brought on Lindsey Graham and worshiped him Tucker Carlson absolutely eviscerated Lindsey Graham on his show!

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2020: Get vaxxed so you won’t catch or spread it!
2021: You can still catch & spread it but won’t get severely ill or hospitalized
2022: So you caught it and were hospitalized but at least you didn’t die!
Next: you can still die but expect minimal suffering.

Safe & effective!

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Biden's ignorance knows no bounds. How the hell can this man disrespect Martin Luther King Day by downplaying his death??....umm, his assassination caused mass riots. Wtf is wrong with this man. He done lost the rest of the black community with this nonsense.