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Bio Mariah's Dad & Lenah's Husband.
Senator for Kericho County. Commisioner, P.S.C & God's favourite son.

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Twitter for Android : I expect Pharaoh to do his usual.
Threats and Intimidation are the only currency still at his disposal.
I won't be surprised if Gov Kahiga of Nyeri is summoned by EACC this week and the run away prisoner of Kiambu Road sends his boys to harass the good governor.
Time's Up !

Twitter for Android : In Uhuru's theorem of political stability, what is the place of past political covenants ? Is it as per his actions where with coming in of new political friends, all others that have been with you turn into enemies ? That you hate even your own voters ? Ngumu Kuelewa!!

Twitter for Android : From the onset, we were clear that the Hustler Nation is a direct to the people coalition. A nationwide pursuit of economic justice.
Those chasing BBI-esque coaltions of people chaperoned by tribal Kings to the highest bidder are free to keep at it.
Let's meet at the Battle field

Twitter for Android : As residents of Kericho, We shall challenge in court the attempted illegal sale of Land leased by Unilever Tea Co.
It is alleged that the A.G's office okayed the deal, if that is the case, then there must be local sharks who want to defraud us of our land. CVC fund better beware!

Twitter for Android : Kenyans must continue praying for Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi.
The oppressor of the people of Kenya is using all that is at his disposal to have them support his project Raila.
If you see them anywhere, play for them the tune....Eh baba unijaze roho..

Twitter for Android : The irony of the handshake is that instead of Uhuru convincing Raila that elections are won by strength of voter support, it has actually affirmed his belief that what he always lacked was the system to rig.
99% of ODM supporters now believe his win will be system aided. Awuoro!

Twitter for Android : Both Ruto and Raila are selling a unity agenda.
Raila says, let's unite, all our problems will vanish.
Ruto says, Let's have an all inclusive conversation about 90% of our citizens who are victims of a rigged economy that works for just a few.
Gladly Kenyans are listening.

Twitter for Android : Amina is terribly misguided on this mission.
She bungled this, to what end, I do not know.
What was so hard for her to stick to section 52_54 of the sports act and meticulously execute her plan ?
Even the local courts will stop her. Meaning, nothing changes.

Twitter for Android : And injunct her actions. Will it have sorted the mess ? In the end we will be worse off than before her intervention.
While fans have the latitude to demand for better by any means necessary, as CS, she should have played it better.