Bio We encourage and persuade the U.S. government to enact specific policies that create a strong, enduring & mutually beneficial relationship with our ally Israel.
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Twitter Web App : Hamas charter, 1988: '[Israel] will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.'

Hamas leader, 2022: 'The battle is not over. We want all the land.'

This isn't about settlements, evictions, or improving life for Palestinians.

It's about wiping out the Jewish state.

Twitter for iPhone : The “3 + 1” takes another step forward during Prime Minister GR’s trip to Washington, DC this week. AIPAC
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TweetDeck : Thank you Rep. Ted Deutch for your leadership on this important national security issue.

Iran is a comprehensive threat that requires a comprehensive solution.

Twitter Web App : I strongly condemn the Iranian regime's abhorrent practice of taking foreign nationals hostage for political gain. Ahmadreza Djalali, Cécile Kohler, & Jacques Paris must be released immediately, as well as all Americans that have been held by Iran for far too long.

Twitter Web App : AIPAC, and our 1.6 million grassroots members, proudly exercise our civic and democratic rights to participate in the political process.

By helping elect pro-Israel progressive leaders - including pro-Israel progressive women of color - we advance America's interests and values.

TweetDeck : The U.S.-Israel partnership is deeply rooted in shared values, strategic interests and a commitment to improving the lives of the people of both countries.


TweetDeck : 'It’s ironic that the anti-Israel left doesn’t complain when anti-Israel orgs. run independent expenditures against mainstream pro-Israel Democrats...but find it highly objectionable when orgs. supporting mainstream progressive pro-Israel Democrats get involved in politics.'

Twitter for iPhone : “Social media footage on Thursday showed protesters burning pictures of Iran's top authority, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and chanting 'We don't want the rule of the clerics', while calling for the return of Reza Pahlavi.”…

TweetDeck : 'In a very short period of time, the pro-Israel community has demonstrated it can be a significant political force.'…

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Report: Iron Dome intercepted UAV above Gaza

i24NEWS Defense Correspondent Jonathan Regev reports with the latest