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Twitter for iPhone : Hundreds more Ukrainian nationalists surrender to Russian Federation forces in Mariupol

Twitter for iPhone : Still can’t get over the CIA’s longtime favorite magazine TIME describing the Azov Nazis’ unconditional surrender as being “evacuated,” “got out,” or even “rescue efforts”

Not a single mention of what actually happened: “surrender”

Twitter Web App : I don't know if @ElonMusk is right that there are far more bots and multiple users on Twitter than the company admits, but I know a large percentage of the people who attack me daily about Ukraine are ones who have created their account in the last 4-8 weeks and have 0 followers.

Twitter for iPhone : Former US President George W. Bush condemns “the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq—I mean, of Ukraine.”

Twitter Web App : The United States that is supporting a terrorist group in one African country, invaded another, and is assisting in a genocide in a 3rd, is now gonna make sure they do something about those Blacks not doing what they were told

Twitter for iPhone : Mariupol survivor describes how the Azov “defenders” treated her city:

“They were firing straight at residential houses.”

“They destroyed all the shops, looted them all… people were taking food while the military took gold and furs.”

Twitter for iPhone : I’m old enough to remember 3 weeks ago when John Kirby faked crying about the madman Putin killing women and children in Ukraine. Somehow civilians slaughtered by US bombs don’t elicit the same response.

Twitter for iPhone : The lesson that the national security state is drawing from their failed Truth Ministry rollout isn’t “wow, we should stop censoring dissent.”

It’s “wow, we should manufacture more consent.”