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someone on tiktok will have a normal hobby like idk coin collecting and their comments will be filled with 'i'm sensing a touch of the 'tism 😂'

julian(@AAAAAAGGHHHHH) 's Twitter Profile Photo

If i were ryan ross I would log on for the first time in 15 years and tweet “Good” and turn my phone off

🍕ava / tea 🌈(@horrifichymns) 's Twitter Profile Photo

I am honestly glad kids are not growing up being exposed to the same horrifying shit and gore that we were at a young age. I am glad that kids nowadays have a low tolerance to horror because they didn’t grow up watching real people dying

♡vi♡(@baesauce) 's Twitter Profile Photo

once again terfs take their transphobia straight into anti-feminism. literally how can u call urself a radical feminist while publicly shaming a woman u claim as ur friend for the way she looks and her body. what is feminist or radical abt that. ur doing what they want.

alicorice(@Quaker_Opes) 's Twitter Profile Photo

a lot of leftist men believe that it's perfectly okay to continually sexually harass women if they are conservative, and this alone negates any of their claims to being 'feminist'.