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Twitter for Mac : Morning gang!
If Google is forcing you off its Gmail For Domains service, I've written a migration guide which might help.

Twitter Web App : Over 12 months, the proportion of people in the GDS design team who are religious increased by 26.4%, people who are not white by 9.5% and people who are not from a middle-class background, who are women, and who are disabled all increased by more than 5%.

Twitter Web App : Data is central to our DEI strategy at Webflow.

Here's a glimpse of our robust demographic data dashboard that tracks representation, hiring, and retention rates over time.

Excited to do even more with this data to increase our DEI transparency, accountability, and impact ✨

Twitter for Android : Great thread! The key is to highlight skills in JD as subheading and list a clear example underneath. It's hard then for someone to underscore you. Then at interview stage it's all about talking like a robot and STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) ⭐

Twitter Web App : And that's all folks. Good luck!

If you're in a systemically excluded group, my DMs are open if you have any questions you'd prefer not to ask publicly

Twitter Web App : I think I got straight-up rejections for two roles GDS before making it through to interview stage and getting a job third time lucky🍀

If it doesn't work out, keep trying! (I'm glad I did)

Twitter Web App : Though I do think that having one subheading for each skill guarantees sifters don't underscore examples spread across different parts of the application

Twitter Web App : These tips are just my opinions from being both sides of the sifting stage.

I never score someone down for formatting it as a more traditional letter

Twitter Web App : When I'm sifting, I personally find CVs less useful. I only glance at them if I'm not clear from the cover letter how much experience in a particular skill set a candidate has acquired

In this situation, it helps to highlight the skills listed in the job advert in CV entries