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Falcon Social Media Management : Everyone should have the right to know what they’re buying.

We want brands to and help us make an inclusive world for blind and partially sighted people.

Please share our film to make accessible design a reality.

Twitter Web App : One of the highest leverage thing teams can do...

Is stop trying to optimize for developers 'being busy'

...prepping work to give them

...doing small group discovery upstream from their work

...'topping up' every sprint (or quarter, or whatever)

The hardest part? ... 1/n

TweetDeck : What's that? You'd like to pledge your allegiance to the Gay Beer Agenda via the medium of wall art?

We've got these wicked All Beer Is Gay Beer prints up for sale—AND the rainbow moves when you do, so when you dance, it dances. Like science and that!


Twitter Web App : larry david at new york fashion week via Emilia Petrarca

Twitter for iPhone : Things no-one else is crazy enough to be doing right now: final prep for a trip to answer one of the great unanswered questions: just how far can you travel by bus from London in 24hrs? I *think* I know on paper, but in practice…? Follow along from 3am as I slowly go mad.

Twitter Web App : For those feeling hopeless about Afghanistan, here's what you can do right now to help:

There's a kickass network of local Afghan women's organizations who've built a country-wide escape & support network for women's rights activists facing targeted assassination by the Taliban

Twitter for iPhone : Imagine being 23, co-founding an organisation of 2 and growing it to 100 people over 10 years, spending half of that carrying the sole responsibility. And it’s a company that has been central in shaping a whole field. What a legend, who definitely deserves a rest!

Twitter for iPhone : Inspire the next generation of black women technologists. Back the Voices in the Shadow children‘s book on Kickstarter. I’m looking forward to seeing my niece read this


Twitter for iPhone : I’ve heard all these arguments before but never presented so succinctly. Thread worth reading in full from Dogecoin founder on why he’s bailing out of crypto.