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keep in mind that i’m an artist and i’m sensitive about my sh*t

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when you say you wouldn’t “wish X on my greatest enemy” all I hear is that you are too craven and stolid to be of any use to me in psychic warfare. this is baby stuff to me. i am rotating infinite punishments for my enemies in my mind (3D) and it’s working

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reading wedding writeups on toronto life and guessing how much money has been inherited. it's called economics.

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“To what neurodivergent urges would I now be subjected? Would I be tempted to start drawing pastel-colored webcomics or set up a TikTok account with my boyfriend in which he is assigned the role of tolerant neurotypical and I am essentially a child? “…

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EXCLUSIVE: I spoke with Medieval Times workers about why they want to unionize their castle. What they deal with is nuts: guests spooking the horses, grabbing the falcon, even putting their hands on the queen. They want better pay and safety -- and respect…

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Making public libraries that host Drag Story Hour the target of threats is truly some ghoulish nonsense and the most asinine moral panic…

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Useful point to pluck out, too: “According to the advocacy group Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, crisis pregnancy centres (CPCs) – anti-abortion organizations that provide counselling and other prenatal services – outnumber abortion providers in Canada.”