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and im that girl now, who knew? DNMI✊🏿🇳🇬


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some dude woke up today and decided to commit suicide by cop bc the former host of celebrity apprentice wasnt allowed to keep the top secret documents he stole from the white house

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Beyoncé needs to tell us what she did to this album. There’a absolutely no way we’re listening to this album every single day ever since she released it.

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That lady was recklessly driving & didn’t care about NOBODY. Multiple reckless driving incidents. & Folks are making it an issue with misogynoir. While ignoring how that lady murdered a PREGNANT Black woman & her infant son. Very dishonest & unhinged behavior.. 😵‍💫😵‍💫

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Wowww. The NBA's first league-wide jersey retirement isn't Jordan or Kobe, but Bill Russell. Certainly earned, and kinda love that it'll shine a bright light on the players that started the game.

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Black men are forreal looking down the barrel of a gun when it comes to being alone at 50. Like it’s a reality that y’all don’t wanna talk about. Talk to these old heads bruh