Twitter for iPhone : I don’t care if I give your grandma and your entire family monkey pox

I’m never wearing a mask or doing a single lockdown or restriction again

Don’t want to get sick stay home and wear a mask and leave the rest of us alone

SocialFlow : When David Sedaris was finally able to visit his father after lockdown, he noticed something different about him. “It’s like when celebrities get face-lifts. I can see they’ve undergone a change, but I can never tell exactly what it is.”

Twitter for iPad : ‘Sue Gray has told allies that she was surprised that Boris Johnson was only fined for attending a birthday party thrown for him during the first lockdown.’

Boris Johnson’s partygate hangover…

Twitter Web App : So it looks like 90% of the government spent lockdown getting pissed and the other 10% spent lockdown committing rape. Is there anyone in the Tory Party who hasn't committed a crime recently? Anyone?

SocialFlow : Downing Street staff fined for attending lockdown busting parties are ‘furious’ Boris Johnson has only been handed one fine – despite attending multiple events.

Twitter for Android : DJ Sbu alleges that Zahara damaged her liver due to alcohol & mismanaged her money 😣

DJ Sbu has come out to state his own side of the story. Denied lingering allegation from Zahara that she's being owed money from TS.
iDrama chomi 😭

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Twitter Web App : Never forget that between 2010-2018 £340,000 per year of tax payers money funded the ERG. Each Tory MP that paid £2000 subscription fee claimed that back on expenses. Information on ERG research was never made public, Rees-Mogg's staff denied he was even a member.

Echobox : 🔴Experts said children growing up in the shadow of Covid were facing “agonising” waits for help, as they struggled to adjust to life after lockdown…

TweetDeck : It looks as if Scott Morrison will be punished by the Australian electorate for his lockdown zealotry over the past two years. Jacinda Arden will suffer the same fate next year. Good to see the public finally waking up to the fact that the lockdowns caused more harm than good.

Twitter for iPhone : The ERG are a party within a party. They’re a corruptive and corrosive influence on British Democracy that must be resisted. They were the driving force behind Brexit, anti lockdown and anti vaccine rhetoric and now lead on anti net zero campaigning. Ultimately, they’re fascists.

Twitter for Android : 20 cases in Britain. Time to shut the country and ruin millions of lives. Lockdown, masks, irrational terror of an illness with a tiny mortality rate... let's do it again! )) Belgium first country to introduce compulsory monkeypox quarantine Daily Mail Online