Twitter Web App : UPDATE: Striking Nabisco workers in Portland OR just held meeting & secret ballot vote was taken (other locations voting 2da & 2moro). Nabisco's offer:

-Workers' maintain existing benefits
-Keep annual pay raise (60Β’ raise starting 2022-2024)...

Sprout Social : Your ears deserve a lil treat. Time for Justin Bieber in Dolby Atmos.

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QWVR : Wanna find them all?

πŸ’™ this Tweet to discover one of the 16 cookies in packs right now…some are harder to find than others. Which one will you discover? 😏

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Twitter Web App : NEW: Nabisco workers are outraged by Mondelez’s latest contract offer. In Portland, workers just voted it down overwhelmingly.

The offer includes:
- No overtime pay for working over 8 hrs/day
- 12-hour weekend shifts for junior workers
- No change to frozen retirement plan


Twitter for iPhone : Company is still trying to slip in language of an alternative workweek with 12 hour shifts on weekends, taking away premium pay from workers. We need to stop it now! Or as Danny DeVito would say…

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