: 'I want to dispel the myth about ADHD - that it's all made up.'

TV presenter richard bacon, who was diagnosed at the age of 42, shows us his brain scans.

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Twitter Web App : Victoria Derbyshire Oh, Jimmy. What a joy it was, as a kid, to watch artists like you and Dennis Law play football. You have no idea how many goals I scored on our street being you! Rest easy now - thank you for being such a part of my childhood. : “I had a coffee table smashed over my head then he came at me with half a pair of scissors.”

Helen Midgley had a corkscrew drilled into her neck during a brutal attack by her ex. She has a petition against the early release of domestic abuse prisoners.

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Twitter Media Studio : 'It's high-end prostitution'

Social media influencers are 'being offered thousands of pounds for sex', we've been told.

Tyne-lexy, who starred in Love Island, says she was offered £50,000 for 5 nights in Dubai - with a non-disclosure agreement.

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Twitter for Android : West Midlands Police United NationsHumanRights) 's Twitter Profile">UN Human Rights Victoria Derbyshire Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn Samaritans Staffordshire Police Jeremy Lefroy BBC One Panorama 🌐 Sajid Javid United Nations UK House of Commons Colin Williams Victim Support Ofcom Rob Lane Twitter Paladin Service South Staffs Water 🚰 SSHA TwitterSupport Counter Terrorism Policing UK The Labour Party Conservatives UK Parliament Theo Clarke MP Amnesty International INTERPOL President Biden The Royal Family UK Prime Minister (UK Prime Minister) BTCare) 's Twitter Profile">BTCare Boris Johnson BT Jess Phillips MP David Cameron Dominic Raab Priti Patel 2 manipulative posts by manipulative PR specialists. The Sun & 1 of my GangStalkers (close to Andy Street). Both of whom KNOW that the negative outcome they warn of, is an inevitable consequence of A PROCESS controlled by people in the shadows, NOT the individual they're slurring