Twitter for Android : In 2015 Nigel Farage first argued that the UK should turn back refugee boats in the sea.

As a Government and Party we rejected it outright.

Today a Conservative Home Secretary is trying to implement exactly this.

That's how populism works.

(Interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire 2015)

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Twitter Media Studio : Meghan Markle is a very modern bride - but what does her mixed-race heritage mean to people in Britain?

Top model l. anderson has been watching the coverage with interest.

Watch our full film here:…

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Twitter for Android : We have 2nd highest covid cases in the WORLD & it's not even winter yet. Why is this not making the news?? Why are we being gaslighted into 'living with it' when most other countries are NOT. There are thousands of hospitalisations a week, with 73k DEATHS a yr at this rate. Why?