Twitter for iPhone : First session of UKGovcamp “How do we make digital sustainable? (In every sense?)” We’re discussing skills, funding, people, money, services, policies, environment. Great to hear opinions from across the UK

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Twitter Web App : I spent yesterday and today going between sessions saying the same things pretty much. So I will say them here again
- We need to have ways for people to communicate and work together across organisational silos to solve a whole problem and to learn from each other

Twitter for iPad : Annoyed I spotted too late this year, because as an unconference it is stuffed to the gills with all my favourite people. Welcoming, passionate, thoughtful and kind individually and as a community - holding a safe and inclusive space for debate and challenge.

Twitter for iPhone : It’s the first time I’m seeing my joint pitch with Janet Hughes on the session grid…and I’m feeling sightly apprehensive and out of my depth (and pumped up?). I’m comforted by the many awesome pitches by lovely people though!

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Twitter Web App : Worked with UKGovcamp to design a booklet for their upcoming conference . Hope everyone who's attending likes the new look ✨

I'd love to do more layout work for public sector, CIC, social good enterprises, and arts co-ops/charities - reach out if you wanna chat!

Twitter Web App : The edition of my newsletter is bouncing off Out of Office notifications right now…

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Twitter for Android : My first time at (in fact, my first conference since I started working in govt in Nov). I'm getting super insightful learnings as a newbie.

I asked Otis if he wanted to join, since pets are allowed, but he seemed distracted.

Twitter for iPhone : Well what can I say, my first experience of UKGovcamp was brilliant. Hats off to the organisers, note takers, session leads. Great discussion, insight and debate. Also love that there’s now a govcamp craft related slack channel 🦄

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Twitter Web App : Last time I made it to UKGovcamp was in 2018 with this little saboteur. Hoping to drop into for at least something at some point. Would love to stop by @glenocsko's localgov session to hear where that conversation is in 2022 but I'll be in my annual performance review.