Twitter for Android : 🍄Come and See The Great Beyond🍄The time is right when night is bright.

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Twitter Web App : Just listed my VERY first auction on Kalamint starting at 0.777 , with 30% of the profits to Howell Nature Center for rehabilitation & kid's camps. This is a 4 day auction, so happy bidding! sForGood art

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Twitter Web App : 🦍💋🏋️‍♀️Woman want me, fish fear me! 🎣☠️🦍…

Collectors Community sForGood
Pixels @OpenSea

🦍🍣Remember Apes Together Strong🍣🦍

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Twitter Web App : creators who focus on providing exclusivity and value to their collectors will thrive more than the creators treating their platforms like a printing press.

A lot of collections have dropped over the last week. A lot of collections will not have value in the next year.