Twitter Web App : 🔴 1 sauvetage et 1 interception
Hier, nous avons effectué une mission de plus de 6h.
🙏1 embarcation repérée: 36 personnes secourues par MSF International
❗️1 seconde embarcation, 90 personnes, interceptées par les garde-côtes libyens.

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Twitter Web App : : after our rescue, we witnessed an interception by the Libyan Coast Guard. We don’t know the exact number of people intercepted. But we know that they will be forcibly taken to dangerous detention facilities and exposed to violence and exploitation.

Twitter for iPhone : 'Alexa, give me a riddle'

I’ve decided to give ASMR a try. Listen carefully and figure out this whispered riddle...🔊

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Twitter Web App : Earlier today, the conducted the third rescue in less than 24 hours. We reached a wooden boat with 100 people on board that was adrift for hours. Competent authorities were informed but did not intervene for more than 8 hours.
©Filippo Taddei/MSF

Twitter Web App : “They killed some of my closest friends in front of me. Friends who meant a lot to me, after all the beatings and abuses we had gone through together. One day an airstrike hit the center in Tripoli. I survived.”

Boubacar, rescued by on 20.09 ©Pablo Garrigós

Twitter Web App : The is now heading back to the search and rescue zone to save people from dying at sea. Our teams have been doing drills and exercises to be as prepared as possible for safe rescue operations assisting people in distress at sea.

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Twitter for iPhone : rescued 95 people who were about to be intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard. We intervened before these people were forced to return to violence, abuse and exploitation in Libya. ©Filippo Taddei/MSF

Twitter Web App : Thanks to Alarm Phone's alert, reached a rubber boat that was taking water on. Weather conditions are extremely harsh with three-meter waves and 25 knots winds, but we managed to rescue all the 71 people on board.
©Filippo Taddei/MSF