Twitter Web App : This is disgraceful: The Trussell Trust, which just one of the food charities, reports that when the Tories came to power in 2010 the number of food parcels it handed out was 25,899. Now as 2022 starts the number is 2,537,198 - a 100-fold increase in 12 years!

Twitter Web App : karda kediler kopusler usumesin diye o kadar korunak yer yaptiydim kuytuda ruzgar almayan guzel bi yer az once bi kedi girdi girdi cikti bakim dedim kedi sicmis disgraceful undesirable bitch ya kocaman yer o kadar kar var yuvaya mi sictin

Twitter for Android : Ronaldo became the top scorer in football history last year 🐐

Here's how FIFA, Globe Soccer and France Football acknowledged him

You can clearly see one organization having a disgraceful agenda towards Ronaldo.

Twitter Ads : This is a DISGRACEFUL attempt to keep us in the dark!

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Twitter for Android : Disgraceful stereotyping which you will see too often within English cricket

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Twitter for iPhone : Just found out my sons college has decided to carry on with mask wearing. This is disgraceful! What happened to teaching kids resilience to helping them understand that life comes with risk and equal reward. Another reason why kids mental health issues are off the chart!

Twitter Web App : The moment Jon Gaunt insults Dame Abi Roberts and calls nurses protesting by throwing their uniforms 'crackpots' - wanting to 'sack the lot of them'.

Disgraceful behaviour.


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Twitter for iPhone : Paul Pogba Via Instagram:

“Ya Allah !Guide us in the right path, Ya Allah accept our good deeds ,Ya Allah you are the one that forgives so forgive us 🤲🏾 Amine! May Allah accept our Duas brothers and sisters.”

Twitter for iPhone : Democracy, at its core, requires competition. The US has utterly destroyed this aspect of democracy, engineering huge numbers of safe seats in which politicians pick their voters rather than the other way around. It’s disgraceful—and it is legalized election rigging.

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson's Downing Street is under police investigation, how on earth can he think he can stay on as Prime Minister?

Millions of people are struggling to pay the bills, but Boris Johnson and his government are too wrapped up in scandal to do anything about it.


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Twitter for iPhone : After covering Congress for 2 decades and watching competitive House districts almost disappear and bipartisan compromise along with it - this is one of the most important stories I’ve done…