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SUSAN SIMPSON #ItWasAScam #NeverTrustaTory

Bio A former Labour Party activist and member and grandma of 2 - great admirer of Jeremy Corbyn - and hard left apparently which I wear as a badge of honour ✊✊✊
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Twitter Web App : Imagine if Corbyn had been elected in 2019 and brought this country to it's present state of impending oblivion. The media would be murdering him! Instead we have 'Supertit!' striding the world stage, inflaming diplomatic tensions for a 'photo-shoot!' Not a bloody whisper?

Twitter for Android : The right of Labour think they've buried the left, but they should never make the mistake of thinking we are dead. In time we will spring up somewhere else with more strength and anger than ever!

Our time will come!

Twitter for iPhone : Liz Truss again telling MP’s

“the protocol has had unintended consequences!”

The Governments own 2019 impact assessment & leaked treasury documents predicted all the chaos & damage Johnsons deal would inflict! He ordered his MP’s to vote for it anyway

Liars and charlatans

Twitter for Android : Annoying part is Remainers who LOST are now moving on and trying to live with this stupid Brexit, whilst Leavers who WON carry on complaining and try to change the Brexit they supported and said was OVEN READY!

But apparently it's ALL the fault of Remainers and the EU.

Twitter for iPhone : The only desirable Brexit wasn’t deliverable and the only deliverable Brexit isn’t desirable

Think it’s fair to say it’s an unmitigated disaster

And one that’s self-inflicted

Twitter for iPhone : Someone save us from this maniac!

I have added some actual facts to this interview

Twitter for iPhone : May called the snap 2017 general election to annihilate Corbynism only to see Labour surge (as one shaken right-wing commentator put it) ‘in a way we’ve never seen during an election campaign before.’ That’s the history they need you to forget—and the star was the 2017 manifesto.