Twitter for iPhone : BREAKING: I’ve gone home. Great to be rejoining Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation after 28 years. The place I started my media career, with the boss who gave me my first big break. We’re going to have a lot of fun….

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Holy trinity Mirror, Evanesce với Love Disease lên sàn ❤️ Sorry I don't make the rules.

Thiệt ra còn nhiều bài nữa cơ, mà hết chỗ rồi.

Dĩ nhiên phải có con Mirror, Love Disease với Let's not rồi :) đm fiction-writing fuel của tôi mà lại 🥲

Twitter Web App : 'The board of Trinity Mirror has decided that it would be inappropriate for Piers Morgan to continue in his role as editor of the Daily Mirror and he will therefore be stepping down with immediate effect.'…

Twitter Web App : IainB John Le Brocq Its like a parody, perhaps we are living in a parallel universe.! Odd that Trinity Mirror publish this shite, perhaps they think its giving them a sector of the market they wouldn't otherwise get. A gap in the market, is there a market in the gap though?

Twitter for iPhone : The Daily Mirror was launched by Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe, 'for gentlewomen' in 1903. In 1984 Pergamon Holdings, a company owned by Robert Maxwell, acquired the Daily Mirror from Reed International. In February 2010, Trinity Mirror acquired the regional M.E.N.

Twitter Web App : Another old story about Jehovah's Witnesses ,which is according to gazettelive newspaper of the Trinity mirror group.
I hope this message could help some of you understand that there are cults hiding in the hidden areas of your life ,
that you must be aware of them.🙏