Twitter for iPhone : BREAKING: I’ve gone home. Great to be rejoining Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation after 28 years. The place I started my media career, with the boss who gave me my first big break. We’re going to have a lot of fun….

Twitter for Android : pjwhitfield I haven't even read the chronicle for about 10 years as it's a shit paper and is owned by the media partner of the club in Trinity Mirror group so are not impartial. I know the team are playing like they have absolutely no clue and that's all down to one man Steve fucking Bruce

Twitter Web App : Saigol added that MGN had acknowledged its “repeated and prolonged intrusions into innocent people’s lives over, in some instances, a decade, could have been prevented or interrupted”.

Instead, the statement said, the parent company Trinity Mirror “failed to properly investigate

Twitter for Android : Bruce's belief that the fans are on his back because of the Chronicle couldn't be further from the truth. If anything we think their coverage is far too soft. We feel this way because of him and him alone

Twitter Web App : Wonder why so many newspapers pushing the jabs and the government agenda?
Look at Reach plc, for example - used to be called Trinity Mirror - see all the national and regional papers they own and news websites.

Twitter Web App : Took the morning off the reflect on - I watched the horror of that terrible day unfold on TV, with my then colleagues at Trinity Mirror in Canary Wharf. Sending condolences and prayers to those who lost their loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Twitter Web App : James Greig One time a local news site directly copied and pasted an entire ‘explainer’ I wrote on tax havens or something for the Mirror website and I magnanimously didn’t tell anyone (after double checking the original came up higher in a google search). Felt so smugly benevolent

Twitter Web App : 'The board of Trinity Mirror has decided that it would be inappropriate for Piers Morgan to continue in his role as editor of the Daily Mirror and he will therefore be stepping down with immediate effect.'…

Twitter Web App : Ben Jones Basically, it became less local. Trinity Mirror/Reach took over and increased 'digital journalism'. I think the journalists are required to publish a set number of articles for their website each day.

Twitter Web App : at all three of its newspapers for many years and actively sought to conceal its wrongdoing from its many victims of intrusion”, Grant’s solicitor, Anjlee Saigol, told Mr Justice Mann at the high court .

Reading a statement agreed by Grant and the publisher,

Twitter Web App : Another old story about Jehovah's Witnesses ,which is according to gazettelive newspaper of the Trinity mirror group.
I hope this message could help some of you understand that there are cults hiding in the hidden areas of your life ,
that you must be aware of them.🙏