Twitter for iPhone : Who is the prince of the air?

Who wants to rule Earth as God?

Combine those two and you have a Hexagon or symbol on the Israeli flag which isn’t the Star of David.

There’s no Menorah, which the Star of David has.

Male = Fire = Sun

Female = Water = Moon

Sex magick = Masons.

Twitter for iPhone : A group of doctors are wearing Star of David armbands to liken vaccine mandates to the way Jews were treated by Nazis.

The armband reads “mandated outcast”

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Twitter for iPad : Head on over to and check out my latest music video Star of David

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Twitter Web App : Seems The Washington Post has precedent for how reporters engage with users on Twitter. Reporter Felicia Sonmez was suspended for Tweets. What is WaPo policy for reporters sending DMs to defend those who wear Star of David to liken vaccines to Holocaust?…

Twitter for iPhone : Some demonstrators are using holocaust imagery, including Star of David armbands, to liken vaccine mandates to the way Jews were treated in Nazi Germany.

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