Sprout Social : The reigning Miss Universe winner, Andrea Meza, was gifted a Star of David ring after she arrived in Israel this week ahead of the beauty pageant’s upcoming competition in Eilat.

Twitter for Android : astroezgiocak Bizim sinastride bir sürü kavuşum vardı ama biz kavuşamadık. Venüs Mars kavuşumları, güneş mars kavuşumları, Merkür Venüs yükselen kavuşumları, Venüs güneş kavuşumları. Star of David bile vardı. Çalışmayınca çalışmıyor s*ctigimin sinastrisi işte 🥲

Twitter for iPhone : This one might be a bit complicated to those who are not adept in understanding the esoteric symbolism behind the Babylonian mysteries.

9 in Roman numerals is IX.
11 is XI.

Together they form the Corona Saturn Gate, and also the Star of David (Star of Remphan)

Twitter for iPhone : The State of Israel cannot call itself the Jewish State, grant automatic citizenship to those it considers Jewish people, use Jewish religious symbols on its emblems (the Star of David, menorah, etc.), and then act surprised when people associate Israel with Judaism.

Twitter Web App : Ben received candy canes and chocolate Santas from classmates every year. He smiled but never ate them. Today new girl Rey handed him a dozen Star of David cookies, they ate them in his living room, snuggling on the sofa after lighting the Menorah with his family.

Twitter for Android : Stuff Wearing that Star of David though... what completely spoilt, entitled brats to liken having to follow rules at a market to how the Jews were treated during the Holocaust. Waah, waah, I have to wear a mask while I order my no-foam soy latte, poor me.👶😭

Twitter for Android : People at Covid protests trying to do the pick 'n' mix thing? You stood there listening to detention camps and BBC/Keir Starmer paedo conspiracy shite from the podium. You stood beside Nazi/Star of David placards. And you stayed. You are the person you claim not to be. Do one.

Twitter for iPhone : insidious Öyle mi, teşekkürler; Ayla ve Beklan Algan’ı Ankara’da bir özel tiyatroda Rosemberg’ler Ölmemeli isimli oyunda seyretmiştim.
Star of David’i görünce acabâ demişdim.
Playing For Time’ı Venessa Redgrave’dan lzledlm.
Tekrar teşekkürler.

Twitter for iPhone : German police detain an elderly woman who didn’t have her vaxx passport.

This scene looks irry.

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