Twitter for Android : So I just got myself a Watch Dogs Themed Cap (hat), And My dad told me that the logo looks a bit like the star of David, then I say it's from a game and it's not the star of David then I realised that some people would mistake me using a star of David hat instead of a watch dogs

Buffer : There is more than one way to make a Star of David, in fact there are 165,888 ways. The Genius Star, an winning puzzle lets players roll seven dice and place pieces on the of David shaped board.

Twitter for Android : mine is that the black velvet box under the place where tony keeps the star of david holds a wedding ring

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Twitter Web App : G'mar chatima tova

ID: Graphic with a blue background, and images of the Star of David and a shofar.

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Twitter for Android : My fave cinematic vampire crush remains Jami Gertz as Star of David (aka Kiefer Sutherland) in Joel Schumacher's 1987 The Lost Boys, still a rousing revisit for so many reasons. Saw it in theatres and never recovered from the crush, for both Star and whole film.

Twitter for Android : Israel really be TRYING to exist by stealing not only Palestinian land but also their culture 😭
Dabka and hummus are literally 3raby

iSrAeL my ass 🖕🏼