Twitter for iPhone : 14. Child Holocaust survivors from Buchenwald form a Star of David.

This was in a rehabilitation facility provided in France by the Children’s Aid Society. Among the children taken in were Elie Weisel and future chief rabbi of Israel Meir Lau.

Twitter Web App : Football Australia VS Palestine in 1939, before the existence of the occupation state so-called Isr*el.

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Twitter for Android : What is the difference between Twitter's labeling of Chinese and Russian media and accounts according to its ideological preferences and the Nazi labeling of Jews with the star of David?
They are all racist.

Twitter Web App : Solomon's seal, flowering in the garden. Its beautiful name comes from scars on its rhizomes (from last year's stems) which supposedly recall the two inverted triangles of King Solomon's seal (a symbol that is the origin of the Star of David).

Twitter Web App : 'No offense to the director of ‘Titane,' but ‘Crash’ was head and shoulders above that movie because it wasn’t just about superficial shock value and unconventional imagery,' says Viggo Mortensen, star of David Cronenberg's 'Crimes of the Future':

Twitter Web App : So much Jewish symbolism & practice derives from a history of magic:

The Star of David, known in antiquity as the Seal of Solomon!

The Hamsa🪬, AKA the hand of Fatima!

Phylacteries & mezuzah, i.e. prescribed amulets!

The nightly prayer originates in Jewish incantations!


Twitter for iPhone : It’s Jewish America Heritage Month! Let’s make some noise :) post a picture of yourself with a Star of David. Tag and challenge 5 friends to do the same. Happy !! ✡️❤️✡️❤️

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Twitter for Android : Oh Sara Sara Sara you are not the sharpest tool in the shed ...look at the T-shirts of the Palestinian team Yep its the Maccabi symbol and yes it has the Star Of David on it and yes they are Maccabi Tel Aviv players and they are jews!!
Thanks for sharing the real history of PL😉

Twitter for iPhone : GC cartoonist Tatsuya Ishida (Sinfest) has published these comics in the last few months. The first one promotes anti-vax conspiracies and shows a Star of David as part of the conspiracy illustration, while the latter promotes David Icke’s “reptilian” conspiracy theory.

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