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Twitter Web App : On 15 November 2021 a false defamatory statement, for which I accept full responsibility, was published on my Twitter account about Jeremy Corbyn MP. My apology is attached. I have agreed to pay substantial damages and legal costs to Mr Corbyn. Please retweet.

Twitter for iPhone : So, while I think this is TRUE, there are three examples people often turn to as a failure of the reader, and I think they’re actually a failure of the story. They are:

Breaking Bad
Mad Men
and Dune.

I’ll hold up a clear counter-example to these three at the end.




WESTMINSTER - EXACT LOCATION TBA (keep an eye on our social media on 22nd/23rd)

A notorious pseudo-science, right-wing, fundamentalist group is holding a conference to argue why the government should support conversion therapy.

Twitter Web App : NEW: A story about trans rights has become an accepted fact: that trans people are seeking more rights than ever.
Turns out, it's the other way round. A new legal case has been unearthed that was suppressed for 50 yrs which silently removed trans rights:

Twitter Web App : 4/ Question: did you know that up until 1970 trans people could just get their birth certificate corrected?
And that that suddenly stopped? No one knew why.
Most didn't even know that this happened. Until this case was exposed: inews.co.uk/news/long-read…

Twitter for Android : Some more Lily Cade highlights from today. TW for calls for transphobic violence

- some weird comment about Arabs
- she respects only one trans person: Buck Angel (surprise)
- calls for trans suicide, talks about Satan
- Gay marriage was a mistake

Twitter Web App : This is horrifying.

'CVS now argues that people with disabilities only have a right to bring discrimination claims if the discrimination was intentional, not merely thoughtless.'

Twitter for Android : LMAO NOOOT NOOOOOOT