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Twitter for iPhone : This should frighten you.

One of most effective questioning of Trump you’ve ever seen (by Jonathan Swan on )

Trump has NO GOOD response for NEVER raising Russian bounties/arming Taliban with Putin.

Plus: Russia may still be doing it.

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Twitter for iPhone : 2. Trump’s former Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk said in this article:

Trump’s failure to raise with Putin “makes whatever Pompeo may have said irrelevant, as the Russians dismiss anything Americans officials say if not backed from the top.”


Twitter Web App : 3. Military sounded alarm on Russia arming Taliban

3/23/17: Gen Scaparrotti, NATO Commander, before Senate
3/29/17: Gen Votel, Commander, CENTCOM before House
4/24/17: SecDef Mattis and Gen Nicholson, presser
9/28/17: Mattis with Afghan Pres., presser
3/23/18: Gen Nicholson, BBC

Twitter Web App : 4. Why did US military stop raising it publicly?

Dunno, but...

7/5/18: Trump: 'They’re going, President Putin is KGB and this and that.’ You know what? Putin’s fine. He’s fine”
7/16/18: Trump sides with Putin over US IC at Helsinki

9/18: Nicholson departs
12/18: Mattis resigns

Twitter Web App : 5. Former Deputy Assistant Defense Sec. Michael Carpenter explained: the reason Russia would feel emboldened to do bounties is because Trump didn't press Putin on arms program.

We now know Trump chose not to breathe a word to Putin about either. Not a word.

Twitter Web App : 6. Recall another signal Trump sent Putin over this time.

Trump was not just silent.

Trump pushed CIA to set up program to give the Kremlin ... US intelligence on counterterrorism.

This from CIA Senior Operations Officer Douglas London (served until end of 2018)👇