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Twitter for Android : schedule km emg lagi sibuk-sibuknya, gak heran kalo km jadi gampang capek dan ga enak badan. it's okay, semua orang bisa ngerasain itu. istirahat banyak-banyak ya ganteng. gpp ya? kamu orang baik, kamu udah kerja keras. kita ngerti kok. sayang pawat ♡

Twitter for Android : based on what i read from thai fans, ohm looks pale and feeling unwell. some of them see ohm's hand was trembling. ohm talked to nanon that he can't take it anymore so they only took pictures and went back.... i'm seriously crying, this is our first time seeing ohm like this

Twitter for Android : I've tried looking for the reason why he saying sorry but i still didn't understand the context. people said he's tired, so no need to apologize, ohm 🥺 please take some rest. ily

Twitter for Android : 믹스가 올려준 옴나논🥺
MayaAwards x OhmNanon

Twitter for Android : Series Of The Year y'all 🥳 Bad buddy deserves it. Congrats for Ohm and Nanon ❤️💚

MayaAwards x OhmNanon