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Twitter for iPhone : Just checked with friends in Germany - they have no fuel shortages, no acute HGV driver shortages, no empty supermarket shelves, no gas crisis, no panic buying. โ€œBut we also have no Brexit,โ€ as one of them pointed out.

Twitter Web App : So the EU was blamed for everything wrong in Britain: bendy bananas, the power of vacuum cleaners etc. etc.

But Brexit is apparently not responsible for labour shortages, food shortages or accentuating the energy crisis.

Sometimes it feels like Britain is a fact-free zone.

Twitter for iPhone : 8 handy points to note about our โ€˜greenโ€™ PM:

1) He has โ€œalmost always voted against measures to prevent climate changeโ€

2) He supported shale gas fracking & told readers of his column to โ€œignore doom merchantsโ€ worried about emissions