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Twitter Web App : The Gare du Nord departure process was never joyful. It is now a total car-crash. Not even particularly busy, but a long queue for 4 functioning French gates; then another for 2 partially-functioning UK ones (WHY THE FUCK SCAN AGAIN, WITHIN 10 METRES?), then security scan etc etc

Twitter Web App : I need a Intuit QuickBooks genius to tell me how the hell I enter a fractional value such that the amount, plus VAT, reaches the money that I was paid. Otherwise I'm out by a penny on my Match, and that gives me a ferocious itching between the toes.

Twitter for Android : On third country in three days and marvelling at the idiot Twitter ads that *still* slavishly think that my crossing of a border imbues me with instant local language skills

Twitter Web App : Show the thing.

Not screengrabs of the thing.

Nor PowerPoints about the thing.

Let alone charts of progress of the thing versus some plan.

Just show the basic, ugly, buggy thing.

And if the team won't show the thing, the governance should ask but one question. Why not?

Twitter Web App : ...and after a pitch like that, all warmth and charm and humanity, the three resisters (50+ business blokes quelle surprise) are going to look like top cunts. They are now sitting there, doing exactly that, faces like gravy dinners. Enjoy the next couple of hours, lads!