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Bio Uniqueness, anti-Tory, anti-Johnson influencer, pro-EU & hopefully gifted with a measure of common sense. Pensioner struggling under post-Brexit wreckage.
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Twitter for iPhone : This is all a bit confused (which may be any or all of the reporter, the source, or the current AGโ€™s advice). The grounds cited (โ€œtrade diversionโ€/โ€œsocietal unrestโ€ sound like purported grounds for action under Article 16. They are not grounds for breaching a treaty obligation.

Twitter for iPhone : Not this sabre rattling again! Worth noting: a) we did the โ€œnegotiationsโ€ this is about amends; b) inflation up, recession on horizon & we think now a good time for a trade war with our nearest neighbours?; c) no honourable country should act unilaterally within an agreement

Twitter for iPad : Stupid โฆLiz Trussโฉ is willing to destabilise Europe in the middle of a war & start a trade war when Millions of U.K. citizens canโ€™t afford food

Her โฆConservativesโฉ self preservation will harm U.K. citizens, itโ€™s a form of internal terrorismโ€ฆ