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Twitter Web App : I will remake the whole JS1024 competition. The whole back-end and front-end will be better.
Old demos will still work perfectly.

The new version will have a playground where everybody can host small visual demos (max 1024 bytes) for free

Twitter Web App : '3.1. Disk drives that do not honor sync requests
Unfortunately, most consumer-grade mass storage devices lie about syncing. '…

TweetDeck : My WFC tool (Voxel Collapse) now shows you missing tiles from your tileset so level designers and artists can work together and only build the assets they need. Almost at 1.0! Models from Kenney

Twitter Web App : 🎓 PICO-8 Education Edition: 🌟OUT NOW! 🌟 // you'll need a keyboard!

A web-based version of with complete set of editing tools ~ for schools, workshops, and anyone who likes to learn and make stuff. ❤

Twitter Web App : 札幌の道路、除雪と排雪で dead lock を起こしてて、このまま春が来て自然に溶けるまで freeze したまま改善しないのではないか?と思えてしまう

Twitter Web App : for(float i,e,g,s,k=t*.2;i++<1e2;o+=.01/exp(1e3*e)){vec3 v=vec3(1,3,7),p=vec3((FC.xy-r*.5)/r.y*g,g)*rotate3D(k,cos(k+v));p.z+=k;p=asin(sin(p))-3.;for(s=2.;s<6e2;p=p+p-v)p.xz*=rotate2D(g/8.),p=abs(p),p=p.x<p.y?p.zxy:p.zyx,s+=s;g+=e=abs(length(p-clamp(p,-PI,PI)))/s;}