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Bio Teacher, Reader, De-streamer, Radically pro-kid. Interested in #booklove and #ungrading. Here to learn. No one is free until all of us are free. She/her.
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Twitter Web App : This week in ENG2D, we are talking abt The Truth About Stories. We will talk abt reading ON, BETWEEN, + BEYOND the lines, how to look for THEME, + explore the themes of land + identity inBorders.
Check it out and use/edit as is useful for you…

Twitter for iPad : Dr. Katie Mattaini 'Ungrading' means raising an eyebrow at grades as a systemic practice, distinct from simply “not grading.” The word is a present participle, an ongoing process, not a static set of practices. It’s dialogue, an active interrogation, assessment done with students and not to them.

TweetDeck : Working on a new book about teachers and how their time is structured...

...and reading the research literature on time use...

...and basically, it is *wild* what we ask teachers to do, day after day, week after week.


Twitter Web App : Thank you 🌈 Sara Savoia for brilliantly articulating (and citing!) why CRT must be part of our educational framework. I think we've got it all wrong when we kneejerk scoff + say 'We don't teach CRT in schools! That's a legal theory!'

No. Don't play by their rules.

Read this 🧵

Twitter Web App : Hey English Ts! Next week in ENG1D (destreamed, obvs), we are starting our ARGUE AND PERSUADE unit. It's a funny week (no school Monday, credit rescue Wednesday, short periods Friday), but it's still a solid intro to argumentation. Check it out!…