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Bio Covering Congress for CNN, mostly the House. Weirdly obsessed with House Rules Committee and the Alaskan of the Week. I'm bad at Twitter.
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Twitter for iPhone : What I would give to have wandered about in this home.
“Dr. Macksey’s book collection clocked in at 51,000 titles…several first editions by 20th-century poets and novelists sat on a shelf in the laundry room.”…

Twitter for iPhone : Every time I check off something on my To Do List, I think of two more things to add to it.

Twitter Web App : Thrilled to see Robert Redford suddenly trending, but my first reaction was 'OH NOOOO'
Agree that we need a ' still alive. Please enjoy' when people suddenly are trending on Twitter.

ATTN: Robert Redford is still alive. Please enjoy.

Twitter for iPhone : Just found out Steven Spielsberg is a House House Committee on RulesHouse Rules Republicans Committee person and I’m basically an Oscar winner now.

Twitter for iPhone : Email from our political unit: “We’re 300 days from the 2022 midt—“

Twitter for iPhone : Still waiting on final list of proxy votes from House quorum call today, but noting that 7 members who had active proxy letters didn’t vote today anyway. And two of them filed their proxy letters *today*