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Twitter for Android : Lovely to see Chris Wilkinson getting honoured at Labour conference for all her years of work. When I was 14 Chris sat in my mom and dad's living room while I filled in my forms to become a Labour Member, so blame her

Twitter for Android : So lovely to be back on a pride march again. Brilliant turnout and loads of love and support from Birmingham shoppers. Time was I'd be off to the party now but I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Twitter for Android : Sister of murdered Sabina Nessa breaks down as she addresses hundreds at vigil. Sending love to Sabina Nessa's family. We promise we will keep fighting for womens safety…

Twitter for Android : Raising a couple of red flags in a situation being played out in press.
🚩Tattoos - abusers often 'brand' you & themselves with their/your name/face. It's an ownership thing
🚩Threats of suicide - abusers often use this tactic to make you feel powerless to leave

Twitter for Android : Remind me again how many rapists you've charged since being home Secretary? It's fewer than your predecessor right? Also remind me again Priti how many British children have been trafficked under your tenure, it's an increase isn't it.
You haven't been tough on anyone.