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Twitter Web App : One pigeon with a broken wing and 2 seemingly healthy pigeons have taken up residence on my IKEA plant stand. WHY?!

I love animals and don't want to be a bad host but I also do not want 3 patio-mates.

Please enjoy this artistic rendering of my pigeon problem.

Good night.

Twitter Web App : I wasn't online much today but I understand there are some issues with Doug's vaccine passport rollout.
[insert shocked emoji here]

Still counting down the days until we make Doug Ford a when we .

Twitter for iPhone : Mood and love and current ability to engage in social interactions.

Good night and sweet dreams.

Twitter for iPhone : Happening soon.

Indoors. With pants. And fewer bears.

Time to add some healthy, happy habits back into my repertoire. Currently accepting suggestions for songs to play and practice on my ukulele.

As always, apologies in advance to my neighbours.

Twitter Web App : If you can give me one good reason why Doug Ford deserves to keep his pretty sweet gig next year, I'll stop posting these countdowns.

Just one.

Twitter for iPhone : The light by the lake is beautiful this morning.

Twitter for iPhone : Update! I woke up this morning and decided to take the plunge and buy this beauty from a Canadian Etsy seller.

I think this may be the start of a beautiful new nostalgic collection.

Sweet, cozy dreams, everyone.

Twitter Web App : Need to update an IEP? Easy peasy!

Just log in 4 times to the board website.
Go the page where you can:
• apply for a leave
• download a T4
• see pay stubs
• submit an Annual Offence Declaration
• apply for a magnetic key card to open exterior doors

Good night & good luck!

Twitter for iPhone : I don’t know the story behind this screen test or potential movie or really anything about this (I’m too lazy to even Google it. That’s something.) but this actor is channeling Robin Williams in the most magical way.