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Null : Founder of @radixdlt, technologist, petrol head and #bitcoin / #crypto evangelist. Opinions and thoughts posted here are my own!

Radix DLT - Trade @ Vindax.com : Radix community token & Guardian. #DogeCube the original #Radix #memecoin. #DeFi's top #Doge🚀 #airdrop: https://t.co/gYEvclsAmm #crypto #dlt #web3 #altcoins #nft $xrd

Not maximalist on any narrative in life except buddhism. The purpose of this twitter is to promote Radix DLT

#RADIX - THE BIGGEST INNOVATION IN CRYPTO $XRD 🚀 Staatenlos Node 🌍 runner & co-founder of @Ociswap $OCI 🐈

DeFi will be huge in the next years. Radix is the ONLY crypto to scale DeFi to every human on the planet. https://t.co/cE6lU7Q2dh

IT Consultancy, Web, Crypto Node Running and more. https://t.co/732hdirGIc https://t.co/80M3v0AMc7. #radvocate

Not financial advice! : Researching altcoins and building wealth since 2018. Long-term holder. With a license to shill.🌛 $QNT / $XRD / $MFG / #BrightUnion / #KittyDinger

Certified Technical Analyst; #Bitcoin & Legacy Markets; Chemical Engineer; Founder @TheBirbNest (2017); Co-founder @yellowblock_io; Not financial advice

Decentralized : Watching over the crypto chaos, and collecting $XRD, while @radixdlt builds a decentralized network for Global DeFi. Nothing here is financial advice.

UTC−05:00 : game developer, artist, building on radix $xrd; leading @radicalStrikers project; made @AbandonedScorps nft series

Radix Network : The first decentralized collectible game living on the #RadixDLT network. Come Join the badge hunt ! 🥈🥇🥉 Made by @cedriclebeau and @Mini_isshin

Switzerland : #RadixDLT - $XRD Maxi. Running a Radix Validator Node. Stake with our Node, earn high-yield interests and receive $XSEED Tokens on top! 👉https://t.co/HGd4jCen8y

Schweiz : The blockchain trilemma is finally solved... ⚡ $XRD is going to bring the DEFI space to a whole new level! 🔥

Half Greek god, half large berry: Advocate for @radixdlt △ DLT optimized for DeFi: Scaling atomic composability + enable devs to build secure DeFi apps quickly

https://t.co/aWvngQQfsf is THE low cost L1 exchange on Ethereum. Uses 50-65% less gas than other DEXes. Only 0.1% fee on 120 trading pairs.

Olympus Mons, Mars : The greatest satisfaction comes from mastering something that is truly difficult.

#RadixNation : Penguins are getting very bored on ETH... But Radix, that's something to be Radically excited by! @RadixDLT $XRD #NFT ... It's coming! Let the hype begin!

Love your life because you will only live once... Married, happy, old!

Radix DLT : The premium low-quality s#!t coin doggo meme token on #Radix that nobody asked for. No Roadmap, No Promises, No purpose.

Radogs NFT for the future of DeFi #Radix // https://t.co/3dUKJ4yjjD // Limited Edition // Crypto enthusiasts // First look on radix // #scryptopians // WOOF!

I am a Crypto enthusiast. I am also a Dev Front-end,Game dev and Solidity dev and also a professional Community Manager

@thematrixworld : Bitcoin OG with f*** all Bitcoin, Luna🌕 maxi and former Eth maxi who liquedated the stack on NFTs! The Degenaissance is coming...

Functional nurse💥🇺🇲 Looking for examples of good practice in community nursing during Covid-19. Don’t be shy, let’s hear from you. How have you taken care of

Building a crypto gaming site.. https://t.co/Hug59qW8ax || https://t.co/nbQZSj4dgg || Radix Supporter