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Scout/Player Development. Head of Hitting Programming @leftwaylabs


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Watch the Ipsilateral Same Side Arm & Striking Foot come DOWN. To Increase ground force & go FASTER.

Watch and his COILING CORE.

See him SIDE-BEND to position his HEAD aligned with his FOOT!!?

Who wants to accept the TRUTH now, or later?

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In 2004, I removed the “jump thru” to create

The ultimate cure for “Sagittalitis” & ultimate foundation for 100% Athletic Integration.

Appropriate for all ages and abilities - including those who can’t jump.

You can’t ignore if you seek X on the Map.

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Sport is a test and fight between two opponents and that is the most stressful thing on the Bodies Central Nervous system. We need to focus our training on CNS work in order to be prepared for the real fight we are in not be chasing weight room numbers.

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Coaches, investing in mental training for your athletes is one of the best investments you can make! Not only will it help them excel on the field or court, but it will also increase their resilience and build good habits that can stay with them for life!🏆

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First time Coby Hilton touching The Rope.

SIMPLE Underhand Rope drill to reinforce Coil/HOF & Total Integration/Timing Hands to Feet.

Charlie Francis said…. “Wait for it” - Deliver EVERYTHING On Time (not too soon & not late).

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We know you are good. But we are better due to mindsets and innovation. You are… well a troll. You post a lot of good stuff (some funny) but you couldn’t and wouldn’t hold your own with David Weck Let’s all get in a zoom and chat? Yes or no?