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TweetDeck : For the record, all the witnesses to the Kennedy assassination did not die or disappear in mysterious circumstances. But if your knowledge of history comes predominantly from Oliver Stone films, I can see how someone might think that.

Twitter Web App : Prime Minister Johnson says the energy companies do not want a windfall tax.

The people of this country didn't want a national insurance rise but we still got one.

Twitter for Android : To the Tory councillors blaming Johnson for their losses this morning:
When you chose him as party leader, was there any part of you that thought 'this compulsive liar, psychopath, cheat and charlatan might not make an ideal Prime Minister?' Or was that what drew you to him?

Twitter for iPad : The Govt response to the cost of living crisis appears to be get on the bus to keep warm (Johnson), eat supermarket own brand foods (Eustace), nothing more I can do right now (Sunak), pray (Mogg) & privatise yourself (Dorries)
Meanwhile, rich got richer, companies made billions

Twitter for iPhone : Remember when you vote this week we have a liar in number 10, we have a man in number 11 that is worth ยฃ400m but loans you ยฃ200 and wants it back, they gave 100โ€™s millions of pounds to their mates in Covid,the Russians fund them,they look after energy coโ€™s rather than you. Vote๐ŸŒน

Twitter Media Studio : Unmissable content. ๐Ÿ’™

Ryley Keys was told he would never walk. After years of bravely building his strength and a surprise visit from Ben Davies & Joe Rodon, heโ€™ll now take a penalty at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at Mayโ€™s North London Derby.

Twitter for iPhone : tehTrunk ๐Ÿ‹ Spurs fans convincing themselves Pochettino is not a good manager is proper social media brain melt. You can believe Conte is a better manager and youโ€™d rather have him but people just want to hate on Poch to join in. Pillocks.

Twitter Web App : And maybe consistent Champions League football, title races, getting to a Champions League final etc etc what a chore to have to endure?

Not even saying I definitely want him back at this point in time, but why pretend like it was awful?

This fanbase has lost its mind.

Twitter for iPhone : Pochettino getting 86 points with Spurs in 2016-17 was an infinitely superior achievement to winning a title with PSG - but, for many, finally having that medal is proof ofโ€ฆ something. Look at the context here. It was huge overachievement

TweetDeck : Keir Starmer on Conservative ministers comparing Boris Johnsonโ€™s Partygate fine to a speeding ticket:

'As it happens the last minister who got aspeeding ticket and then lied about it ended up in prison. And I know about it because I prosecuted him.'