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Twitter for Android : Listening to Gary Neville tonight hebseems to get it. This club is the centre of our city and represents our pride in where we come from.Ashley has managed over 14 years to disconnect a lot of us from the club with more disconnecting daily.that's the damage and it might not be fixable

Twitter for Android : It's funny that Mary from byker gets filler injected into her lips every few weeks and has no clue what's in it..all done by tricia who has an NVQ in nail varnishing ...but there's no way Mary is having that vaccine as its unsafe

Twitter for Android : You want to see a statement that is the complete opposite to NUFC's recent statement and the polar difference between proper owners and this horrible charlatan we have in charge read this…

Twitter for Android : When there is no gap there is a control in the car ..its called a brake pedal.when you press it slows the car down so you can slot in behind and then try again later ...this is a pedal that max can only use when he is in front ..when he is behind he loses the ability to press it

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : 'It's a hollow and an empty football club, there's no hope or ambition.'

Alan Shearer says he hates what Newcastle has become and the fans deserve better.

Twitter for Android : If it wasn't before then there is pretty much no NUFC fans left on earth who don't want Bruce out now ...sad fact is he should never have been given the job in the first place and who would have thought that we all knew he was not the man for it at start

Twitter for iPhone : Bruce blaming the fans & local press for the mess we find ourselves in. People Bruce isn’t blaming, himself, his coaches, his players, his chairman & his own owner. Wow !! Would be shocked if he hasn’t done this at EVERY club he has ever failed at

Twitter for iPad : Since Bruce arrived, Newcastle have conceded an average of 1.65 goals/ PL game (132 conceded in 80 games)

That’s a massive handicap for a team with only one (injury-prone) PL-quality striker in the squad

(They conceded 98 in the 80 PL games before he was appointed)

Twitter Web App : Local journalists ask questions on behalf of the fans because the club refuse to communicate with us

Bruce has a terrible attitude and is rolling his eyes even before the question is even asked

No self-awareness. No accountability. Bruce Out.…