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Twitter Web App : The hundreds of teenagers who witnessed this police cowardice will never trust or respect officers again. Took less than a minute of Ottawa Police Service officers abusing their power to lose an entire high school.

Twitter for iPhone : Alito’s draft opinion repealing Roe is a sweeping blueprint not just for invalidating abortion rights, but any rights that contradict conservative ideological preferences. And in classic Alito fashion, he lied what he was doing while he was doing it theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/…

Twitter for iPhone : To appreciate the depths of the hypocrisy here, remember that the people celebrating the end of Roe—trying to force women to carry pregnancies to term, often against medical advice—were screaming “my body, my choice” about the inconvenience of wearing masks in a pandemic.

Twitter Web App : Anyone who follows me in Alberta: This is what I left when I came up here. This is what the UCP wants our health care to look like. They are screwing over patients and health care workers to help their buddies get rich off our pain. Please vote them out.

Twitter for iPhone : I think we should start rephrasing “your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect” to

your first draft *won’t* be perfect.

inevitable. unavoidable.

so have fun and focus on making it the book you love instead

Twitter for iPhone : More children are hospitalized with Covid than any other point in the pandemic yet folks who shrieked “think of the children!” when it came to masks for almost two years are curiously silent.

Likely b/c it was never about the kids, only the personal comfort of selfish adults.

Twitter for iPhone : Eighty. Percent.

That’s your money btw. The money you gave them, at Disney World, at Marvel, Star Wars merch, when you watched a Pixar film…

This should not be a pause. This should be the end.