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If you agree that Trump is the most renowned grifter this country has ever seen, please retweet; let's follow one another.

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Drunk holiday sentimentality is the best sentimentality of all. Wishing you are yours a drunken, magical holiday season.

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Chuck Todd claims President Biden doesn't have a loyal fan base.

Give me thumbs up and retweet if you're a loyal Biden fan.

Derek Chandler(@derekchandler48) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Bills need to get out of the shotgun and play real football on 2nd and short. They've killed 2 drives by losing ground on 2nd and short. Stop dancing and get tough.

Andrew Fillipponi(@ThePoniExpress) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Prediction: Steelers 21 Bengals 17

When the Steelers beat the Bengals to sweep the season series make you sure you retweet this and share with your friends. That way they can see the power of my clairvoyance firsthand. It is impressive.

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A record 53 percent of Americans say they do NOT trust the Supreme Court, according to a new Gallup poll.

I’m among those who feel the court has LOST its legitimacy — how about you?

Michael J. Stern(@MichaelJStern1) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Justice Alito just said that questioning the Supreme Court's integrity 'crosses a line.'

Wrong. Promising to respect precedent and then eliminating 50 years of a civil right crosses a line.

SCOTUS is no longer credible and Alito has only himself and the GOP justices to blame.

Amee-Hakeem Jeffries is the man-Vanderpool(@girlsreallyrule) 's Twitter Profile Photo

I have lost faith in the Supreme Court.*

*This is a statement I never imagined making, I don't say it lightly, and it breaks my heart.