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Twitter for iPhone : We have 740,000 missed cancer screenings & referrals in the UK. A real & very deadly health crisis. Any additional screening capacity or services announced? No. Just multiple new jab sites & 10,000 new vaccinators. Death & illness is now ignored as long as they sell more jabs.

Twitter Web App : Dreaming of Peace I do believe the πŸ’© we are witnessing is an even bigger fake pandemic to bring in worldwide mandatory vaccinations-makes you wonder what's in them when they are so desperate to force everyone to take them-it's more than profit and money!Now WHO announce Global Unity agreement

Twitter for Android : How insane will this get? Idea just take the 6 jabs and you will probably not need the death clinic, save a few quid 🀣🀣🀣🀣

Twitter for Android : To all the brain dead twats breathlessly hyperventilating over a school shooting, as you gave ZERO FVCKS about the Waukesha Massacre, an ACTUAL terror attack, you need to know I am PRO-GUN BECAUSE I am PRO-LIFE.
Take a class nowπŸ‘‡and then, will ya?😐

Twitter for iPhone : My weekly pill box thanks to damaged heart 15hrs after AZ shot. Heart surgery in Sept. Unable to work. Back to hospital Monday because of more heart pain. Don’t tell me this isn’t real.