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Christine #IsVaccinated🖖 Jefferies

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Twitter Web App : Recently I helped create some training at work which includes a few lines like “100% reliable systems aren’t achievable” and “failure is an inherent property of complex systems.” Pretty uncontroversial stuff, or so you’d think…

Twitter for iPhone : Everyone in needs to understand - Governor Mike DeWine has been stripped of basically all power to govern in a pandemic. The Ohio Senate gave themselves veto power over him (wait, isn’t that backward? Yes!) All he can do is beg local school districts to require masks.

Twitter Web App : 🧵Some thoughts on COVID-19, ableism and 'opening up'

One of the remarkable adaptations that happened very early in the pandemic was the move to remote working, and the rapid development of the infrastructure needed to support this. Turns out, it wasn't that hard to do.

Sprout Social : If you are fully vaccinated, your risk of infection is lower, but some people can still spread the Delta variant. When “breakthrough cases” of do occur in vaccinated people, nearly all are avoiding serious illness, hospitalization, or death.

Twitter Web App : 😷Masks during : Who should wear them, when and how ⬇️