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Twitter for Android : चित्त थरारक....

Twitter for iPhone : The Shaheen Bagh protest was allowed for months. For over a year farmers have been allowed to protest. So why in Gurugram, are Hindus being denied the right to protest against the use of public spaces for prayers? Are Hindus not entitled to freedom of speech?

Twitter Web App : We'll drive those who disbelieve in our verses into a fire 4:56; Polytheists are the worst of creatures 98:6; Refuge of a disbeliever is hell 9:73; Allah has cursed disbelievers and readied a blaze for them 33:64; Allah has prepared for his abusers a humiliating punishment 33:57.

Twitter for Android : Talked to the girl's mother. Thirty minutes after the girl's vidaai, the family got information on phone that she had been shot. Saahil lives in the village adjoining the girl's. Tanishka is her parents' only daughter