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Twitter Web App : It is quite astounding that the Sabina Nessa murder is not dominating the news. Yes, there has been an arrest, and so there are significant reporting restrictions in place, but the conversations about violence against women, and the stories about her life are sadly lacking.

Twitter Web App : energy prices are going through the roof and supermarket shelves could be empty as early as next week, and we now cut to the Labour party putting on its very big shoes and its big red nose, ready to drive its very small car to Brighton for the weekend

Twitter for Android : MODs latest 'error' revealing details of 250 Afghan interpreters makes it arguably even more essential that the government ups efforts to provide safety and support for them and their families. People can't wait years for a tiny number of 'resettlement places'.

Twitter for iPhone : The transfer of people from the Vathy camp, Samos to the new β€œclosed controlled” refugee camp begins this morning as people bring their belongings down to coaches waiting at the bottom of the camp.

Twitter for iPhone : Facebook corporate blog post βœ…

Next: Nick Clegg shows up at a think tank (that gets big bucks from Facebook) for a softball interview to try discredit Jeff Horwitz’s reporting. Which think tank will it be this time?