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Twitter for iPhone : Corbyn was unique* in having the right wing press constantly attacking him.

*apart from Hardie, MacDonald, Attlee, Gaitskell, Wilson, Callaghan, Foot, Kinnock, Smith, Blair, Brown, Miliband and Starmer.

Twitter Web App : The question is simple: how does ripping up the Protocol at the demand of a minority in NI result in the return of the Executive? It doesn't. No Protocol, no SF. It is about Johnson disavowing the deal he negotiated to appease his right wing.…

Twitter Web App : Can't help thinking the Johnson regime must love twitter. Even when we give it a mauling. Especially then. Because as long as our anger is here, and not on the streets, they can carry on removing our rights and feathering their nests.
It's time to rally.

Twitter for iPad : Last tweet of the day…please follow Deborah James and donate to her fund if you can. Then let her words β€˜I just want more life’ ring in your ears for as long as possible. So easy to get mired in the details isn’t it? Sending love to her and the people who love her. ❀️

Twitter Web App : What's the point of being a wealthy nation if we can't care for our people when times are hard?
What's the point of being a proud nation if our sick die on waiting lists or stacking in ambulances and A&E corridors?
These Tories are fundamentally, fatally, callous and incompetent.

Twitter for iPhone : Lewis Goodall D’oh Jeffrey.
Firstly… why TF did you *ever* believe him?
And secondly, how could that be Jeffrey?
How could there *not* be a border? There’s either one N/S or there’s one E/W. But once you’ve left the EU’s SM and CU, there’s a sodding border. That’s *reality*.

Twitter for iPhone : β€œSadly the DUP and others chose to reject that.”

Former PM Theresa May tells DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson her deal protected the Good Friday Agreement and would have prevented a border in the Irish Sea or on island of Ireland.

Twitter for iPad : But Boris Johnson hasn’t?

This gets more sinister, by the day. This is not my country anymore. Where all opposition is drowned out whichever way the government can.…