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Content Creator, Advocate, Emerging Humanitarian, Motivational Speaker, Event Planner, and IT Consultant.

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Some people refuse to accept the fact that you’ve changed for the better. They keep harping on the β€œold” you. They refuse to see you in a new light. They can’t stop talking about your past mistakes and wrongs. Ignore such people. Time to move on.

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Moments ago in my parents' community, what I saw has brought me to a conclusion that death is no longer making us afraid. There is a celebration ongoing and at that moment the celebrant's father dies but it has not stopped the celebration. God forgive us!

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Kiss Daniel 'Buga' will never be forgotten by this generation. The entire world has danced and is dancing to the songs.

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If you ask who's better between Ramos and Pique, fans would pick Ramos. Ask about Xavi/Iniesta and Modric/Kroos, they would pick Modric/Kroos. If you ask about MSN and BBC, they would pick BBC. If you ask who had a better team between Messi and Ronaldo, they would pick Messi. πŸ’€