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Twitter for Android : The great thing about Crypto bros is that it's literally impossible for them to shutup about cryptocurrency and NFTs. This is good because every post you make with even the slightest criticism of crypto becomes a honeypot so you can easily identify and block them.

Twitter for Android : So now that bathing is Bourgeoisie, how long before they start saying things like 'my roommate is demanding free labor from me by asking me to do the dishes twice a week'?

Twitter for iPhone : Hi, the Supreme Court just did some even worse shit. Two laws, previously indefensible, just passed: Patel v. Garland makes it so immigrants have NO appeal process in circuit courts to seek legal status, and FEC v. Ted Cruz, which makes all campaign finance private and legal.

Twitter Web App : Bow before the Bubble Supremacy.
(New Game +2)

Twitter for iPhone : Seeing a new doctor is usually high stakes as a trans woman. Your care may depend on gender performance & presentation.

But the stakes have never been higher for me. Today, I need a doctor I’ve never met to sign off on me getting FFS.

It’s 2022, and this is still our reality.

Twitter for Android : I just want to be able to go outside in a t-shirt and jeans, no makeup or mask or neck cover, and people to not notice or not care that I'm trans, to not be harassed or assaulted or possibly murdered.

That's the 'trans agenda.' That's our evil plot.

Twitter for Android : Tell me that the only 'history' you've 'studied' is watching History Channel documentaries without saying the only 'history' you've 'studied' is watching History Channel documentaries.