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Bringing families and educators together through culturally responsive learning to reimagine and rebuild the village in communities and schools.


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My latest article arguing for 3 transformative commitments for trauma-informed ed: (1) attend first to what traumatizes students AT SCHOOl, (2) attend to the traumatic impacts of systemic oppression (in part by fighting it), and (3) demolish hyper-punitive school cultures.

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Organizations must build trusting relationships based on cultural sensitivity to reach & effectively serve Hispanic families during the pandemic. When families trust an organization, they may be more willing to work with that organization. buff.ly/3mQEqxu via Hispanic Research Center

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Reminder: Kids are having feelings too. LAist Mariana Dale (she/her) Thea Monyee Dr. Tunette Powell Amber Coleman-Mortley // Even Young Children Notice What's Happening In The World Right Now. Here's What You Can Do To Help Them Understand laist.com/2020/06/02/how… via @laist.com

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Check out-A Love Letter to Black Parents.
This heartfelt article was written by Dr.s Orange & Powell UCLA Center X 'But we can’t be contained; our ancestors have been doing this for too long.' UCLA Parent Empowerment Project

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'Community can be built every day, in every interaction with another person, when you listen, bridge differences, and embrace healthy conflict. Know what kind of community you want to be a part of and to create, and then move to build it.' (Onward, p. 122)

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How can we help our children feel safe and secure when we’re struggling ourselves? ZERO TO THREE Parenting Expert, Rebecca Parlakian, offers a few suggestions: to.pbs.org/33Ddk4c via PBS KIDS