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Bio Helped build lots of things in healthcare NHS 111, Founder acquired by Aviator, love to fly
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Twitter for iPhone : One thing Twitter has taught me is how smart and compassionate so many creatures on this planet are. ๐Ÿข ๐Ÿ’™

Twitter for iPhone : Every time I have a programming question and I rly need help, I post it on Reddit and then log into another account and reply to it with an obscenely incorrect answer. Ppl donโ€™t care about helping others but they LOVE correcting others. Works 100% of the time

Twitter Web App : Pretty sure there are some flaws in my views here on single sources of truth in healthcare, welcome anyone's feedback with more experience in the shared care records space though to improve my understandingโ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : TIL Registers aren't a thing anymore, feel a little sad about it, one of the things I thought was an important concept and executed really well by Paul Downey and team. Anyone know if anything replaced it?