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Twitter for Android : This isn't my quote but I think it needs as much publicity as possible. If you can re tweet please.
'Johnson spent more time trying to free Patterson, than he did trying to free Nazanin

TweetDeck : What’s the UK government’s plastic policy? Dump it on other countries! Less than 10% of our plastic recycling is actually recycled in the UK.
The rest is sent overseas where it’s often burned or dumped, fuelling health and wildlife emergencies.

RT to expose. 1/5

Twitter Media Studio : A gas explosion in a nine-story block of flats killed two people and damaged apartments, a law enforcement agency said.

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Wildmoka : BREAKING: Downing Street says Boris Johnson has spoken to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the current situation in Afghanistan.

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Twitter for iPhone : Pic From a friend in 🇮🇪… around the world much bafflement that Parliament punishes those who tell the truth about him being a liar (of which many leaders already have personal experience) I’whilst letting his lies go unpunished

Sprinklr : Former Pres. Barack Obama, campaigning for Joe Biden in Florida: '[Pres. Trump] has not shown any interest in doing the work or helping anybody except himself and his friends, or treating the presidency like a reality show to give himself more attention.'

Twitter for Android : The Chess BumJames Oh Brien He's best placed to highlight the issue as he suffered from some of the same circumstances..
Government 👇👇
12 billion to private companies for failed track and trace
53 mil wasted on a garden bridge
Millions to a ferry company with no ferries
Boris giving the mistress 750,000

Twitter for iPhone : Is there a variety of the human species that is more objectively repellent than Michael Gove? Cummings is close but he wears his intentions with more honest contempt, while Gove pretends to be principled. He’s obscenely, unforgivably, fucking revolting.