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Bio TinyGo - a Go compiler for small places. Targeting microcontrollers and WebAssembly (wasm/wasi).
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Go will make you love programming again. We promise.

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Planet Earth, Sol, Milky Way : Technologist for hire, open source software developer, businessperson, author, speaker, iconoclast. @TinyGolang @gobotio @gocvio @hybrid_group (he/him)

Pioneering the next wave of cloud computing. Creators of Spin, Bartholomew, Hippo, Wagi, Bindle, Yo-Wasm and many others. #webassembly #wasm #cloud #fermyon

We design and manufacture open-source development toolkits, including hardware, programming platform

Austin, Texas, USA : The WebAssembly for Edge Computing runtime project hosted by CNCF and Linux Foundation.

Kassel (Germany) : he/they Software Engineer and Princess with a big heart for dogs and fuckin punkrock!!!111 #golang #csharp #unity #tinygo

Tapei, Taiwan : Technical writer. Former translator, IT book editor, sometimes Maker & film photography hobbyist.

Shenzhen, San Francisco & Nagoya : Become the most reliable hardware platform enables everyone to achieve their digital transformation goals. https://t.co/FWiqlo0sOp

Portland, Oregon, USA : Electronics, Teensy, Arduino, Making, Embedded Software Development, Overly Ambitious Projects. Usually only a few tweets per week. he/him

Kirkland, WA USA : A connected world, free from wires. The Bluetooth SIG is the trade association serving and supporting the global Bluetooth® community.